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Billingham moves towards a greener future



Billingham is renowned for producing robust, high quality camera bags. A Billingham becomes far more than just a bag for many, whether that is as a travelling companion or a family heirloom. 

Over the past few years, Billingham has been examining areas where we as a business can become more environmentally friendly.


Billingham drawstring bags

The most recent eco-friendly decision we have made is to remove drawstring bags from sale and as a complimentary extra with our bags. This decision was made due to the high plastic content in these bags, which we believe is no longer justifiable and subsequently goes against our plans to reduce our impact on the environment. The removal of drawstring bags will be rolled out in the coming weeks, therefore any Billingham products that you order now may be dispatched without a drawstring bag. This will vary during the phasing out process. Drawstring bags will no longer be available to purchase on our website.

We at Billingham take pride in our customer service and ensure that we support customers after-sale just as much as we do pre-sale. We provide advice on how to clean and care for your bag, as well as offering a repair service to increase the lifespan of our bags.

These steps are the first of many and we hope that you will support us as we become a more environmentally friendly business.

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