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Repair service


Here are a few examples of repairs that we offer:

  • Shoulder sling replacements.
  • Leather replacements for old leather that has become damaged.
  • Stitching leather patches over worn out areas of Canvas or FibreNyte.
  • Broken press stud replacements.
  • Upgrading the internal lining of old 5-Series or F-Stop bags to the new internal padding style, allowing SuperFlex Partitions to be compatible.

Some issues can be fixed without the need to send the bag back to us, such as:

  • Replacement clogballs can be sent out to you in most circumstances.
  • Replacement Shoulder Pads can be purchased easily here.
  • Replacement SuperFlex Partitions can be purchased here. Please check the sizes in the table on that page carefully as some of the new sizes have similar names to old sizes - but are slightly different.
  • Replacement Padded Inserts can be purchased here.



Unfortunately we only offer repairs on bags that have been made by us.

where are the bags repaired?

All repairs are carried out at our factory in England by the same people that make our bags.

are you able to undertake customisation work? can i get an alteration made to a bag i already own?

No, we do not offer a customisation service that allows you to alter the design of the bag.

We only offer a colour customisation service and an option to shorten or lengthen your shoulder sling at an extra cost. You can find details of what we can offer here.

Do I need to remove my items from the bag before I send it to you?

Yes please make sure to remove all camera gear, computing devices or other items before sending your bag to us. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to any items left in the bag when it is sent to us.

Carefully hoovering out the bag before sending it may also be sensible. We may refuse to repair a bag where the contents pose a hygiene risk to our staff.

Do you offer a cleaning service?

No this is not something that we currently offer. You can find instructions to clean the bag yourself here.

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