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Padded Bases


5 year manufacturers guarantee

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Model Number: 589947

Barcode: 5035627117959

These removable, padded bases are great for protecting your equipment from impact and providing shape to our bigger bags. Already included with selected bags.

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Weekender - Chocolate
In stock
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Chocolate / Weekender

Designed specifically for the Weekender

Designed specifically for the Weekender

The Weekender base is only suitable for the Weekender and will not fit in the Overnighter. ​ ​


Already included when you purchase the Weekender.


Please note that when we first launched the Weekender bag it did not include the padded base - we later increased the price of the bag and included the base.



The padded base is made of two layers of dense, closed cell foam. In the centre third of the base there is a wooden plinth sandwiched in the middle of the foam layers to give extra reinforcement and structure to the bag.


The edges of base do not have wooden reinforcement to maintain flexibility and comfort against your body.


The padded base is covered in a hard wearing and non-wicking polyester fabric.

Two colours

Two colours

The Weekender base is produced in either 'Olive' or 'Chocolate' to match the two interior colours we produce the Weekender in.

Billingham England label

Billingham England label

Bases that are included with a bag as standard, will not have a Billingham label sewn in.​​ ​


Accessories that are purchased on their own/separately will have a Billingham label sewn in. ​​ ​


Translated for our Chinese customers: 由于白金汉(Billingham)的摄影包产品上均缝制带有'Billingham England'字样的标签,随包标配的内胆包或配件上并不单独缝制此标签,另购件除外。).



  • Made of dense, closed-cell foam​
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee​
  • Made in England



Insert Colour Originally Supplied in X Colour Bags

All colours not listed below.

Burgundy and Navy bags.

Grey, Sulphor Yellow and Neon bags.

Imperial Blue / Tan Leather.

Please note: Not every bag was made in every colour.


External dimensions

W500mm (19⅜") x D260mm (10¼")


You can find out sizing for each specific part of the product. Just select a section from the below options to find out more details.

External dimensions

W500mm (19⅜") x D260mm (10¼")


Size Table


Base Name Size of Basepad Bags Fitted
100 SuperFlex 240mm (9½") x 150mm (6") 107
200 SuperFlex 290mm (11½") x 150mm (6") 225 & 207
300 SuperFlex 340mm (13½") x 150mm (6") 335 & 307
400 SuperFlex 390mm (15⅜") x 150mm (6") 445
500 SuperFlex 440mm (17⅜") x 150mm (6") 555 & 550
307L Base Only suitable for 307L 307L
L2 250mm (9⅞") x 90mm (3½") L2
S2 210mm (8¼") x 110mm (4⅜") S2 (2016+)
S3 280mm (11") x 110mm (4⅜") S3 (2016+)

Also a nice fit for the 'SL2' bag for those who don't like the thicker contoured base supplied with that bag.
S4 330mm (13") x 130mm (5⅛") S4 (2016+)
f1.4 300mm (11⅞") x 100mm (4") f1.4
F2.8 250mm (9⅞") x 100mm (4") f2.8
72 110mm (4¼") x 90mm (3½") 72
Leica M Base 225mm (8⅞) x 80mm (3⅛") Leica M Combination Bag by Billingham
Weekender W500mm (19⅜") x D260mm (10¼") Weekender




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