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Photo Hadley


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Barcode: 5035627103853

NO LONGER PRODUCED. The Photo Hadley bag was produced between 1988 and 2000. This bag was replaced by the Hadley Original!

Sold out


NO LONGER PRODUCED. The Photo Hadley bag was produced between 1988 and 2000. This bag was replaced by the 'Hadley Original'!


• One of our all time classic camera bags produced between 1988 and 2000 - replaced by the 'Hadley Original' which in turn was replaced by the 'Hadley Pro' and 'Hadley Pro 2020'.
• Uses the same shoulder pads, padded inserts and front straps as the Hadley Pro bag. Don't mistake it for a 'Hadley Small' just because it doesn't have a top handle!
• Removable padded insert to turn the bag from a camera bag to a casual bag.
• Fabric bonded to StormBlock butyl rubber for the ultimate in weather resistance.
• Real full grain leather and brass fixings
• Adjustable front pockets.
• Made in England


We replaced this bag with the Hadley Original with the Hadley Pro (and then the Hadley Pro 2020) which features a top handle, side patches to which you can attach 'AVEA' side pockets and a pocket on the bag of the bag. We no longer make the Hadley Original.


X-Ray of a Billingham Hadley Original Camera Bag
X-ray of a Billingham Hadley Original Camera Bag. Yes its a real X-ray!




Over the years there were many slight styling changes to this bag, significant ones include:


• Early versions had the dividers sewn into the removable padded insert, later versions came with removable, repositionable dividers that attached with Velcro®. If you have sewn in dividers in your insert you can upgrade your bag with a padded insert with removable dividers by buying it here. Nowadays we make the insert with a more advanced and long lasting type of padding foam than was available to us when most Hadley Original bags were made.
• We changed the shape of the 'clogball' brass studs that you use to close the bag from 'spheres' to a flatter round shape and changed the front straps to be compatible with the new clogball. If buying new front straps make sure you buy the correct kind for your clogball.


Also note that when buying replacement inserts many people mistake this for the 'Hadley Small' bag because they look similar in photos. However the 'Hadley Small Insert' is too small for this bag.




Tech Specs

External Dimensions: W350mm (13¾") x D120mm (4¾") x H250mm (9⅞")

Internal Dimensions: W320mm (12½") x D70mm (2¾") x H225mm (8¾")

Weight: 0.85kgs


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