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Systemflex Base and Divider set


5 year manufacturers guarantee

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The SystemFlex is our older base and divider system for 225, 335, 445, 555, 550, System series, 440, 330, 220, 300, 200 bags before we switched to a fabric covered foam and Velcro® lining.


These featured a foam basepad with pre-cut foam sections. A user could remove some of these pre-cut sections and then slot in the included vertical dividers (using glue to make sure they didn't fall out again).


These are no longer in active production but can be made as one offs whilst we still have the cutters to produce them. Please use the contact form to enquire. If you are unsure which size you need please make sure to include external and internal measurements and photos of the bag you have so we advise you on sizing and compatibility.


These are the sizes available:


Size Name Dimensions of Base Pad
200 12¾" x 6¼"
300 15" x 7¼"
400 17" x 7¼"
500 18¼" x 7¼"



You can see the original instructions for their set-up here:

Billingham SystemFlex Partition Set-Up Guide.

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