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Ventile Jackets


5 year manufacturers guarantee

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NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION. These were produced between 1992 and 1994.


NO LONGER IN PRODUCTION. These were produced between 1992 and 1994.


These Ventile Jackets from Billingham are just what you would expect from the makers of some of the world's best camera bags.

Same high standards of manufacture, same combination of functional durability and attractive styling that is distinctly English and undeniably Billingham.

Ventile is a natural, pure cotton fabric that has supreme water and wind resistance with exceptional breathability. These qualities make Ventile the preferred choice for rugged assignments like Arctic and Himalayan expeditions.

A stormproof Billingham jacket is almost silent to wear, being virtually rusde-free, and will keep you dry and comfortable in the most demanding conditions - qualities which will appeal whether you are sound recording at the British Open, bird watching in the Highlands or photographing wildlife on a typical English summer's day.



Ventile - The Ultimate High Performance Fabric

Developed over 50 years ago, Ventile was designed to protect RAF pilots from extremes of wet, wind and cold, and to enable them to continue working in comfort for long periods of time.

The new fabric had to be able to breathe - to ventilate the body - and also provide a highly resistant barrier to rain and wind.

These searching requirements were achieved by using a very fine, tightly woven, pure cotton yarn which would swell sufficiently when wet to effectively prevent water entering, yet allow perspiration to evaporate.

Ventile's continuing use by the RAF for immersion suits is an example of its superiority over other performance fabrics. VENTILE by Courtaulds Textiles ®


Thanks to production methods, Ventile is now more readily available and affordable. You will find the new jackets from Billingham are designed with many special features that take full advantage of Ventile's unique qualities:


• Double Ventile shell construction.
• Double seamed stitching at stress points.
• Integral seamless shoulder cape.
• Storm flap with full length zip covering.


The longer Harrier jacket also features:


• Hand-warming pockets.
• Lycra® cuffs.
• Protected outer map pocket.


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