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End Pockets


5 year manufacturers guarantee

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Model Number: 590401-01

Barcode: 5035627112626

Extra, detachable storage that easily attaches to the end of compatible bags. Some sizes also allow attachment to a belt for a hands free approach.

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Leica End Pocket - Black Canvas / Black Leather (Olive Lining)
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Leica End Pocket / Black Canvas / Black Leather


We make removable End Pockets for a selection of our bags, giving you the option of extra storage or for use on their own as small camera pouches. The AVEA End Pockets can attach to a waist belt.​ ​ All Billingham End Pockets are made of the same 3-layer waterproof canvas or 3- layer waterproof FibreNyte as our bags.


The End Pockets also feature fabric-lined closed cell foam padding on the bottom, sides, front and back to protect equipment inside from bumps (apart from the 550 end pockets which don't include padding).​ ​


View the compatibility table below and then click on the size(s) that you are interested in to see more details in the slides below.

Available in two colours

Available in two colours

The Leica End Pockets are available in two colours: Khaki Canvas Tan Leather and Black Canvas Black Leather.



The Leica End Pockets are only compatible with the Leica M Combination bag. 



The pocket is padded on its base and all 4 sides. ​ ​


At the top it has a top-flap that secures with a simple press-stud.​ ​


Under the top flap is a waterproof gaitor that closes with a drawstring pull.

Easy to attach

Easy to attach

To attach to the 'Leica M Combination Bag', simply unclip the leather straps on the back of the End Pocket from their press stud and feed through the gaps behind the leather side panels of the bag.​ ​


The straps secure using the press-studs at the bottom of the leather straps.



  • Made of a 3-layer waterproof material
  • Real, full-grain, vegetable tanned leather
  • Solid brass fixings
  • Individual serial number
  • 5-year manufacturers guarantee
  • Made in England

Colour Table


Colour of Outside of Bag Colour of Inside Lining Colour of Gaitor Fabric 
Khaki Canvas / Tan Leather Olive Olive
Khaki FibreNyte / Tan Leather Olive Olive
Khaki FibreNyte / Chocolate Leather Olive Olive
Sage FibreNyte / Chocolate Leather Olive Olive
Sage FibreNyte / Tan Leather Olive Olive
Black Canvas / Tan Leather Olive Olive
Black Canvas / Black Leather Olive Black
Black FibreNyte / Tan Leather Olive Olive
Black FibreNyte / Black Leather Olive Black
Burgundy Canvas / Chocolate Leather Chocolate Olive
Imperial Blue Canvas / Tan Leather Orange Olive
Grey Canvas / Black Leather Black Black
Navy Canvas / Chocolate Leather Chocolate Olive

Please note: Not every size is available in every colour. 550 End Pockets do not feature a gaitor.

Leica M






  AVEA 3 AVEA 5 AVEA 7 AVEA 8 Leica End Pockets Delta 550 End Pockets
Hadley Digital Yes Yes Yes - - - -
Hadley Small Pro - - Yes - - - -
Hadley Pro Yes Yes Yes Yes - - -
Hadley Pro 2020 - - Yes Yes - - -
Hadley One - - Yes Yes - - -
Hadley Large Pro Yes Yes Yes Yes - - -
S2 Yes Yes - - - - -
S3 Yes Yes - - - - -
S4 Yes Yes Yes - - - -
L2 Yes Yes Yes - - - -
f2.8 Yes Yes Yes - - - -
f1.4 Yes Yes Yes - - - -
25 Rucksack Yes Yes Yes Yes - - -
Leica M Combo Bag Yes Yes - - Yes - -
SL Bag Yes Yes Yes - - - -
SL2 Bag Yes Yes Yes - - - -
225 - - - - - Yes -
335 - - - - - Yes -
445 - - - - - Yes -
555 - - - - - Yes -
107 - - - - - Yes -
207 - - - - - Yes -
307 - - - - - Yes -
307L - - - - - Yes -
550 - - - - - - Yes



There are a few! Here is quick summary:


  • They fit different bags - see the compatibility table above.
  • The AVEA 3 and AVEA 5 were designed first. We designed the AVEA 7 and 8 later because the AVEA 3 and AVEA 5 didn't fit very well on the new Hadley Pro 2020, 'Hadley One' and 'Hadley Small Pro' bags.
  • The AVEA 7 and 8 have thinner (less wide) leather straps on their back to help them fit better on the 'Hadley Pro 2020', Hadley One' and 'Hadley Small Pro'.
  • The AVEA 7 and 8 sit lower on the bags that they fit to avoid getting in the way of the removable shoulder slings that the 'Hadley Pro 2020', 'Hadley One' and 'Hadley Small Pro' feature.
  • The AVEA 3 and AVEA 5 have slightly thicker padding. The AVEA 7 and 8 have slightly thinner padding - this makes them more flexible allowing you to fit more awkwardly shaped items inside.
  • The AVEA 7 is bigger than the AVEA 3. The AVEA 8 is bigger than the AVEA 5.
  • The rear slip-pocket inside the main compartment goes all the way to bottom in AVEA 3 and AVEA 5 bags. In AVEA 7 and AVEA 8 bags it goes a little less than half way down the bag.

No - Delta pockets will only fit on bags with a 'Delta' sling such as 5-series (225, 335, 445555) or 7-series 107, 207, 307, 307L) bags.


Please note the Delta pockets also don't fit the 550 bag.

Yes and no - the fit is very awkward!


For 'Hadley Small Pro' owners we recommend the 'AVEA 7.


For 'Hadley Pro 2020' and 'Hadley One' owners we recommend both the 'AVEA 7' and 'AVEA 8' (the AVEA 8 is bigger).

No. AVEA pockets won't attach to any of our bags that have Delta slings.

No - unfortunately there is no way to attach pockets to these bags.

No - they will only fit on 550 bags.


The 550 bag used to be called the 'System 1' - they will attach to that bag. However please check that your bag has the fixing points to attach them - some bags similar to the 'System 1' or '550' but aren't actually those bags.


Also please note the bag has been made in different materials over the years - check you order the correct one for your bag. If you can't see your fabric listed contact us and we might be able to assist (however we can't promise!).

No they are not padded.

The only difference is that the 'Leica End Pockets' include a Leica label to match a 'Leica M Combination Bag by Billingham'. The size and every other aspect of the design is identical.

Delta pockets - Yes, these have a loop on the back to attach securely to a waist belt.


AVEA pockets - Yes, however they are held in place by pop-clips so don't attach to a waist belt quite as securely as they would to one of our bags - although no one has reported any problems using them this way. 


550 End Pockets - No, there is no way to attach these to a waist belt.

They weren't designed for this purpose - but several people have used Delta successfully on their bicycles. Whether it will work for you probably depends on the exact model of bicycle/saddle/handle-bar that you have. 

Read the cleaning instructions here. In particular you should note these can't be put in the washing machine - so may not be ideal for off-road mountain-biking where a lot of mud might be generated.

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